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AFF receives a lot of questions about Service Pupil Premium (SPP), on this page, you can find out more about what it is, who it is for and who can claim it.

Please note that as education is a devolved issue then SPP is only available for children who are attending state schools in England.

You can find information about provision in Scotland, Wales, Northern Ireland on our Primary & Secondary information page.


01   What is the Service Pupil Premium (SPP)?

  • SPP is money that is paid directly to state schools, free schools and academies across England to support Service children. The current amount paid to each school is £335 per child in Years R-11.
  • The Premium was introduced by the Department for Education (DfE) as part of the commitment to delivering the Armed Forces Covenant. The premium enables schools to provide extra support for children with parents in the Armed Forces.


  • Children of currently serving Service personnel
  • Children of members of the Full Time Reserve Service Full Commitment
  • Children with a parent who has died in Service and are in receipt of a pension through the Armed Forces Compensation Scheme/War Pensions Scheme
  • Children who have been recorded as a Service child on a school census in England at any time within the last 6 years. This covers children with parents who may now have left the Armed Forces but a school will continue to receive SPP under the DfE’s ever 6 Service child measure

Please be aware that if your child was not recorded on a school census in England as a ‘Service child’ prior to the serving parent leaving the Army then the child will not be eligible for SPP.

  • SPP is separate from the Pupil Premium
  • Schools decide how the money is to be spent on Service children mainly through pastoral support. Unlike the Pupil Premium, SPP is not for attainment; however, mobile Service children may need targeted help in a new school to catch up with their class or to cover gaps in understanding due to missing out on key learning areas
  • Children who are electively home educated do not qualify for the SPP

Please note: If your child was never registered for SPP in England whilst the parent was serving, and the Service person has now left the Services, then they will not be able to register your child now for the school to claim SPP.

What can you do?

In England, let your school know that you are a Service family so that this can be noted on the school census in October and enable the school to claim the Service Pupil Premium. See for examples of best practice.

If you have any questions about SPP, email

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02   Ideas on how the Service Pupil Premium can be spent

Are you aware how your child’s school spends SPP? Has your school asked for ideas on how to support Service children in school? Here is a list of ideas from schools who claim this money.

  1. Learning Support Assistant dedicated to the emotional wellbeing and academic achievement of Service children, sometimes referred to as ELSAs – Emotional Literacy Support Assistants
  2. Weekly pizza lunch day or café for children with a parent away
  3. Reading Force materials
  4. Little Troopers materials
  5. Half-termly social events for parents and children
  6. Information page for Service families on main school website
  7. Themed visits and outings
  8. Forces choir
  9. Moving-schools support including ‘My passport’
  10. After school clubs including combat club, football club, or sports themed particularly to involve more role models for the children
  11. Camera equipment for photographs
  12. Rapid writing programme
  13. Welcome films made by pupils
  14. Deployment display boards
  15. Still photo books and talking photo books
  16. Memory boxes for children moving on to a new school
  17. Homework support groups
  18. Assemblies with themes from around the world. These allow children who have been to a country share their experiences
  19. Service children’s base within school, with an option to scan school work and share it with parents who are away to help keep them in touch.

If you are concerned about how the school are using their SPP funding then speak to the Head Teacher in the first instance. If you do not receive a satisfactory answer, then contact the appropriate agency for the school, for example the Board of Governors or the Chair of Trustees. The school office should be able to let you know which point of contact would be best.

If you require additional information about SPP, please email

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