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Army spouses and partners frequently have to overcome barriers to achieve continuous and rewarding employment that works around the military lifestyle. For some, the solution is to set up your own business. We receive a number of enquiries from spouses wanting to know what steps they can take to set up their own business.


01   Do you work from home?

Did you know, if you have to work at or from home, you can get tax relief for the extra household expenses you have to pay.

Typically these extra expenses include:

  • the extra cost of gas and electricity to heat and light your work area
  • business telephone calls

For more information see the HMRC website.

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02   Running a business from your SFA?

While working from home is a great option for military spouses and partners, the correct permissions must be sought if you’re working from your SFA.

  • If you run a business from your SFA, you need to get permission from Pinnacle and the Local Commander, whether you are self-employed or a franchisee.
  • If you are working from home for another company as an employee, there is no need to ask for permission.

For more information, see the Pinnacle website.

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03   Starting your own business

AFF has consulted with business experts to get pointers on what to consider before setting up a new business.

Why do you want to set up a business?

Establishing and running a business takes time, dedication and self-sacrifice. To succeed, you will need to be well organised and able to structure your time. Starting your own business can be very rewarding, however, you must be sure you have the capabilities required and can cope with going it alone.

In the early stages, a sound business plan is a must! Writing down ideas in a structured format, returning to them later and seeking the opinion of others (especially those with business experience) is a great way of evolving your plan. A good plan allows you to focus on the business and develop priorities and goals; it can also help you to obtain finance.

Type of company

Will it fit into the sole trader, limited company or partnership categories? You will need to find out what obligations and responsibilities you, as a new business owner, will have. Certain types of business require you to have a licence to trade or operate. For example, licences are needed to sell alcohol or tobacco, or a beautician would need a licence if offering a massage service. The licence will usually be issued by your local District or County Council.

Be realistic

Identify your capabilities; but don’t forget your weaknesses. Be candid and ask people who know you for their honest opinion of your ability and suitability to run a business. If there are areas where you need help – don’t worry, just ensure you seek professional advice when required.

Professional advice

It is vital that you employ the services of an accountant and a solicitor, both when setting up your business and when it is up and running. It is also highly recommended to seek the help of a professional business adviser. All three could make the difference between success and failure. Before taking on any of these specialists, shop around – cheap is not necessarily good. Other small business owners may be able to help by recommending trusted professionals.


However good and attractive your initial idea, you cannot expect to make a profit straight away. Don’t be too ambitious at first and don’t over-estimate profits. Try and save money to keep you going through the early stages. If that is not possible, make sure you present a clear and thorough business plan to your bank manager and ask for sufficient funds to get your business well underway.


There will inevitably be strong competition with other businesses. Before starting, make sure you do sound research into similar companies in your area. See if you can spot weaknesses in their service or product and aim to offer something of a higher quality or a unique selling point.


As your business grows, you will almost certainly need to take people on. You will have to check they are suitably qualified and have the right skill sets but, most importantly, they need to be people you can work with every day! Be sure to check you are clear on the whole range of regulations that govern employing staff.

The bottom line

Over ambition can be fatal when setting up a new business, along with failing to conduct thorough market research. Don’t start a business if there is no likely demand for your product or service. Make sure the market is strong in your area and that you are not duplicating other similar businesses too close to your own. Ensure that you factor in enough funds for contingencies and leaner times. Finally, seek professional advice and produce a detailed business plan. If you follow these simple rules and are dedicated, setting up a business could prove to be a life-changing and highly rewarding enterprise. – a useful guide to setting up a business in the UK. – useful courses, support and information for starting your own business as a military spouse or partner.

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04   Could you be brilliant in business? These organisations can help!

X-Forces – supporting Forces personnel and their families into business ownership

X-Forces is an innovative social enterprise, which supports Service leavers, veterans and Forces families with entrepreneurial ambition, helping them to become successful business owners with fulfilling careers. They help Armed Forces families to create businesses across the UK with start-up loans, mentoring and support.

Their process takes raw ideas and helps turn them into a successful business reality through business advice and planning, access to start-up loans and mentoring for up to five years post-launch.

Service leavers, military spouses and partners, Reservists, cadets and children of Armed Forces personnel can all apply, including those on overseas postings provided they are assigned a BFPO address.

Supporting the Unsung Hero – business start-up programme for Armed Forces family members

The Supporting the Unsung Hero business start-up programme has been developed specifically for Forces families, offering support to start and maintain a business. The 10-month programme aims to equip participants with transferable skills and the ability to start a business regardless of location.

Whether you want to go it alone, or start a business with a couple of friends, this programme should provide you with the knowledge and reassurance you need to make your idea a reality.

Heropreneurs – business start-up support for the military community

Heropreneurs provides assistance to the military community, offering support with the practical aspects of starting up a new business venture. This includes support from a dedicated mentoring team, with expert advice on maximising impact and building a sustainable business model.

It works to support the UK military family, recognising and celebrating the energy, dedication and talent of our British Armed Forces community as they look to take on a new challenge.

For more information about these three providers, take a look at the FFJ Explores Self-Employment video, where representatives from X-Forces, Heropreneurs and Supporting the Unsung Hero talk about the support that they can offer.

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05   Grow your business idea with the Prince’s Trust

If you are aged 18-30, unemployed or working fewer than 16 hours a week and have a business idea or some ideas to explore, the Prince’s Trust Enterprise Scheme might be the right course for you. It provides advice, guidance and support.

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06   Business support for Army families in Wales

Posted to Wales and thinking about starting a business or growing a current one? The Welsh Government runs a funded business start-up programme, Antur Cymru Enterprise, under the Business Wales umbrella.

Antur Cymru Enterprise provides business advice and support to individuals and groups who are looking to start a business in Wales; it is open to anyone regardless of your employment status.

How can Antur Cymru Enterprise support your business?

Antur Cymru Enterprise:

  • offers one-to-one advice and support at any stage of setting up your business
  • has a series of workshops/events open to anyone throughout Flintshire, Wrexham, Powys, Ceredigion and Carmarthenshire
  • manages/provides a national start-up loan service
  • can offer you a business mentor to speak to and spend time with
  • can provide you with ongoing support once you start trading, including mentoring, environmental support, equality and diversity support, workshops and much more.

There is a lot of support available for members of the Armed Forces community in Wales who wish to start their own business.

For more information, visit

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07   Networking opportunities

AFF understands that being on the move can present challenges when it comes to growing your own business or career. To help, there are some networks for military spouses and partners providing you with an opportunity to connect with like-minded individuals.

Military Coworking Network

You can make new friends, share information, collaborate and grow via Military Coworking Network’s coworking hubs and online community. MCN aims to enable all military spouses and partners to create independent professional lives alongside military life.


The Milspo Network is an online community that offers courses, mentorship, networking events, and a supportive community to help entrepreneurial military partners navigate the challenges of military life while pursuing their professional ambitions. Run by military spouses, Milspo empowers its members to build fulfilling careers whilst living military life.

Visit the Milspo website and join their Facebook community to enjoy the benefits of this network.

Mothers of Enterprise

Mothers of Enterprise has been set up by business coach, military spouse and mother, Suzy Olivier. It supports women in creating a successful business and lifestyle while raising a family. You can join the online community at

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