Future Accommodation Model (FAM)

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01   FAM FAQs

The FAM cell have put together a list of FAQs which can be viewed on Defence Gateway. Your soldier will be able to access this at home with their log in details so you will be able to view the site together.

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02   Your FAM questions answered

In March we invited the FAM team to join us in a Facebook Live session to answer your questions on all things FAM related. We would like to thank all of you who participated by asking questions and raising your concerns. Some of those questions were taken away by the FAM team to explore further in order to provide a more detailed response. We are pleased to let you know that we have now received those responses and they can be viewed here.

If you have any further questions or comments as a result of any of the FAQ responses, or about FAM in general, please contact our Housing Specialist, Cat Calder at housingsupport@aff.org.uk and they will be forwarded to the FAM team for an answer.

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03   FAM updates

AFF is working with the FAM comms team, to help ensure that the questions and concerns families really want answered are being put forward for inclusion in the future comms where possible. If you have any specific questions or concerns about FAM, please contact Cat Calder at housingsupport@aff.org.uk

News articles:

News article 11 Sept 2019: Which accommodation choice is right for you?
News article 1 Jul 2019: Your Accommodation, Your Choice
News article 3 Apr 2019: FAM pilot area announced


FAM update – April 2019
FAM information on pilot sites – April 2019
FAM The road to launch at Aldershot Garrison
DCGS letter: FAM pilot and widening eligibility for Service Family Accommodation

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04   Geographically balanced private rental allowance

New rates for the FAM private rental allowance have been releasedThe rates include a core payment and a geographic variation including a council tax adjustment. Find the new rates here.

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05   FAM Archive

Click here for the FAM Archive page.

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